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The sound of Sho represents light streaming down from the universe,and elegant figure of it resembles that of a Phoenix with its wings closed in the high position.

Light Falling On Existence

P.R.E.M featuring Tokiko Ihara 

うつろひ草子 - 祈りのかたち「 衣紋と鳳笙」
By Naoki MIYASHITA/ Terminal81 Film

Le Printemps

15' © 2012 Lardux Films, Les Trois Ours

春(Le Printemps)

15' © 2012 Lardux Films, Les Trois Ours

春を迎えるのためのミステリアスなセレモニー。Nicolas Vladyslavの振付。3D Studio Maxで撮った、 モーションキャプチャーアニメーション。


A sanctuary in the depths of the forest. Masks are waiting and getting ready. Music begins... A cage is brought. Inside, attached, is the victim. The ceremony can begin : a joyful celebration of spring.

A film by Jérôme Boulbès, based on a choregraphy by Nicolas Vladyslav.
Sketches and other informations are here :

L’Immédiat production

Camille Boitel et Sève Bernard - 間 (ma, aida, …) 


Performing in the tour from 2018.

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